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Trump Thought His Sister Had His Back— She Didn't

Newser — Neal Colgrass

President Trump's reclusive older sister hadn't really emerged from the shadows, but he thought so—and he tweeted eagerly about it, the Guardian reports. "Thank you Elizabeth, LOVE!" he wrote while retweeting an article by conservative radio host Wayne Dupree, who quoted a line of election-related tweets attributed to Trump sister Elizabeth Trump Grau: "My brother Don won this election and will fight this to the very end," the tweets read, per Vice.

"We've always been a family of fighters. We are all so very proud of him and the job he has done for our country. 4 MORE YEARS!" But it seems the Twitter account was all prank.

"I would've clarified sooner that I was a parody but I certainly didn't anticipate President Trump himself taking notice of the account," the account tweeted Friday.

Meanwhile, the real sister is grumbling: "I'm trying to delete it," a woman who identified herself as Grau told Vice. "I don't even belong to Twitter. I have no statement. I'm just annoyed about this whole thing." As for the account, it claimed to be by "the first sister of the USA but you can call me Betty" and made other bizarre statements dug up by the New York Times, including: "If someone pours gravy down Chris Wallace's pants at Thanksgiving dinner, I promise, I will take care of the legal fees!" and "The perfect Trump drink on a rough day" along with an image of the malt beer Natty Daddy.

The account is now down, but Trump's tweet remains up—and the veracity of social media has taken another knock. (See the latest on Trump's election-fraud claims.)

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