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Turns Out There's a Problem With Meghan's New Title

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The palace recently announced that Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex would henceforth be known as Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. One problem: Sarah Ferguson goes by Sarah, Duchess of York, and she's a divorcee—which led to concern that the change made it sound like Prince Harry's marriage had gone the way of Prince Andrew's.

Another famous divorced woman to have her title styled that way: Diana, Princess of Wales. Buckingham Palace now says that Meghan's formatting isn't correct and that it will release updated guidance regarding the proper format after consulting with the Garter King of Arms, whose expertise includes titles, reports CNN.

Meanwhile, Harry joined his wife and 8-month-old son in Canada late Monday after landing at Vancouver Island, reuniting the couple after 10 days spent apart. The AP reports the family is said to be staying in a mansion on the island.

While they're expected to spend the bulk of their time in Canada, it's unclear where that will be. The paparazzi are apparently finding them wherever they go, however; the BBC reports the couple warned the press they are prepared to take legal action against privacy violations after photographers reportedly hid in bushes to get photos of Meghan while on a hike with her dogs and baby Archie.

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