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Woman Found Alive at Funeral Home Dies 8 Weeks Later

Newser — Rob Quinn

A 20-year-old Michigan woman found alive in a funeral home in August after being wrongly declared dead is now genuinely dead—and her relatives blame the earlier mistake for her demise.

Family attorney Geoffrey Fieger said Southfield resident Timesha Beauchamp "was allowed to die peacefully" Sunday at the Children's Hospital of Michigan, WDIV reports. Beauchamp, who had cerebral palsy, "died as a result of massive brain damage that was suffered when Southfield paramedics wrongly declared her dead and failed to provide her much needed oxygen," Fieger said.

"Instead, she was sent to a funeral home which then discovered that her eyes were open, and that she was alive."

Beauchamp had been hospitalized since she was found alive.

"This is the second time our beloved Timesha has been pronounced dead—but this time she isn’t coming back," her family said in a statement. On Aug. 23, Beauchamp's family called 911 because she was having trouble breathing.

The Southfield Fire Department said that after four paramedics spent 30 minutes trying to revive her, an emergency room physician declared her dead based on information provided over the phone, the New York Times reports.

Hours later, she was found alive when a funeral home worker preparing to embalm her unzipped the body bag. The family is suing the city and the four paramedics for $50 million.

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