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Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Bradley Parscale Arrested After Standoff With Police

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Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Bradley Parscale Arrested After Standoff With Police. On Sunday night, ex-campaign manager to Donald Trump, Bradley Parscale, was arrested at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Initial reports say police responded to Parscale’s home after his wife, Candice, said he had guns and “was suicidal.” . He then reportedly accompanied officers “willingly” and was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. An article published by the ‘South Florida Sun Sentinel’ reveals a much more shocking account of the night, according to records released by the Fort Lauderdale police. Candice reportedly fled to a neighbor’s house and called police in fear after Parscale “chambered a round” during a “heated exchange” between the pair. . When police arrived, it was noted that Candice had bruising on her arm and face, which she said Parscale inflicted earlier that week. . The responding officer, who later spoke to Parscale, reported that his speech was “slurred” and that he “seemed to be crying.” . After initially refusing to exit his house, a SWAT team arrived. It’s unclear how long the standoff lasted. . Parscale eventually exited the home. After refusing to comply with orders to get on the ground, he was taken down by police. . Police recovered a total of 10 guns from inside his house. . As of now, Parscale has been “involuntarily committed,” as he has been deemed “mentally unstable” under Florida’s Baker Act.