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Scientists Worried by Alarming Delay in Arctic Sea Ice Refreezing

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Scientists Worried by Alarming Delay in Arctic Sea Ice Refreezing. The seasonal refreezing of Arctic sea ice has come to an alarming standstill this year. . Despite the fact that it’s already late October, ice has not formed in a key region off the coast of Siberia. . It is the first time in recorded history that the Laptev Sea has yet to freeze this late into the year. . An altered melting and refreezing timeline could have detrimental effects on the world. . Usually, the ice that forms along the Siberian coastline spreads across the Laptev, carrying nutrients across the Arctic. . The ice travels all the way to the Fram Strait, a passage between Greenland and Svalbard, where it finally melts in the Spring. . However, a later freeze increases the likelihood of the ice melting before it reaches its final destination. . As a result, plankton across the Arctic will receive less nutrients, reducing their capacity to remove carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere. . This in turn contributes to global warming, causing higher temperatures and even less ice formation. 2020 is another year that is consistent with a rapidly changing Arctic. Without a systematic reduction in greenhouse gases, the likelihood of our first ‘ice-free’ summer will continue to increase by the mid-21st century, Zachary Labe, Colorado State University, ‘The Guardian’