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Word Health Organization Advises Against Remdesivir for COVID-19 Treatment

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Word Health Organization Advises Against Remdesivir for COVID-19 Treatment. A World Health Organization (WHO) panel announced on Friday that Gilead’s remdesivir should not be used on COVID-19 patients. . The panel cited a “lack of evidence” that remdesivir improves survival or reduces the need for ventilation. . Especially given the costs and resource implications associated with remdesivir ... the panel felt the responsibility should be on demonstrating evidence of efficacy, which is not established by the currently available data, WHO Panel, via Reuters. Remdesivir, known also by the brand name, Veklury, is one of two medicines authorized to treat COVID-19 patients. . But a trial led by the WHO last month showed that the antiviral had little or no effect on COVID-19 patients in regard to 28-day mortality or length of hospital stays. . The ... panel found a lack of evidence that remdesivir improved outcomes that matter to patients, WHO Panel, via Reuters. Gilead has since released a statement in response, saying it's “disappointed” in the new WHO guideline. . The biotech company said "numerous credible national organizations" had recognized remdesivir as a "standard of care" for COVID-19 patients. The WHO guidelines appear to ignore this evidence at a time when cases are dramatically increasing around the world and doctors are relying on Veklury …, Gilead, via Reuters