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These are the Rudest Things You Can Do on Slack

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These are the Rudest Things You Can Do on Slack. Much of our professional lives take place in the digital space these days, especially on Slack. . Unfortunately, some people have gotten too comfortable with the platform and are crossing professional lines. . Here are eight of the rudest things you can do on Slack. . 1. Ignoring a coworker’s “on vacation” or “with my family" status and sending them a non-urgent message. 2. Using the @channel or @here feature to unnecessarily notify everyone in a channel. 3. Speaking rudely about co-workers. (Screenshots can easily be shared or messages can be mistakenly sent to the wrong chat.). 4. Having a direct conversation with someone in a group channel. 5. Sending someone multiple messages in a row in a non-emergency. 6. Using inappropriate emojis and slang, as well as sloppy grammar and punctuation. 7. Discussing NSFW topics or other things you would never say face-to-face. 8. Hopping between platforms when you’re communicating with someone.